Current Camp Directors

Meet the current Directors of Camp Good News South - Lisa and Ryan Cosby

The Cosby's have been attending Camp Good News South for well over 70 years of combined attendance, we won't say which has more time at camp than the other but needless to say, we LOVE Camp Good News! We both started as campers, sitting through Bible Hour learning about Esther, Joshua, Daniel, the Parables that Jesus taught, and Loving and Living God's way. When it was mission time, we got to learn about many missionaries that had traveled to foreign countries to share the Gospel and God's love to all they met. When it was time for us to age out of being campers, the directors of the camp at that time asked us back to be on the kitchen crew to work washing dishes and helping the cooks deliver food to the kids. It is a hard job and you end up working a lot but when you are working with those that you consider family, it's an easy gig. After working on the kitchen crew, the next step was Junior counselor and counselor. The directors felt that we were counselor material so that is where we landed for several years. Year after year we served as camp counselors and eventually started helping in any way possible since Camp was a huge part of our lives. As we grew closer to God and camp, we also grew closer to each other. Needless to say, we ended up dating outside of camp and even got engaged on the last day of camp in 2005. We didn't realize it at the time, but God was unfolding something before us, that to us wasn't even a consideration. One day after the close of one camping season the previous camp directors, Ray and Mary Stein asked us to sit down and have a conversation with them. They informed us that they had decided to step down as the camp directors and believed that God was building us up to take over and serve in this capacity. This was a step that neither of us was ready to take, or so we thought. We were so fortunate to work alongside Ray and Mary during this time of transition, to learn a portion of their knowledge, grow closer to them, and discover how much they loved God and the kids they were called to share Christ with. We love this camp not only because of those who came before us but also because of the family that you become a part of while at camp. We want to make sure that all who come and attend camp, not just the campers but everyone, will have the same experience and fun that we did growing up here at this wonderful place.