Staff Information

Returning Staff Information

We will send out staff registration starting in March. Please check your spam folders and if you aren't contacted by May, please reach out and let us know that you have not received anything for camp yet. We are working on a better system to get the registration information to you reliably. If you have missed a year of camp you will need to fill out all of the paperwork as though you were a new staff member, so keep that in mind and also be mindful that we have to complete the paperwork on the back end as well.

 Please save the dates for camp, These kids need you to be there to share your love and God with them!

Campers Becoming Staff

If you were 13 years old during your last camping session and are excited about joining the kitchen crew, please remember that the kitchen crew has limited positions and we can not guarantee anyone a spot. Email invites for kitchen crew will be sent out in early April.

New Staff Members

If you are interested in joining our staff, please send an email to and we will be in contact with you.

 We will contact you and ask you some questions, get reference checks, and perform a background check, so please make sure that you are checking your email and phone. Before we contact you, ask 4 individuals who are not family members or previous employers (with one being a pastor or church leader) to be references so that we can ask them some questions.